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PMA/Brokaw Photography Sign-up

Bill Brokaw of Brokaw Photography is offering a free service to photograph the exterior/interior of PMA businesses (including all categories of business, not just retail), provide the images to PMA, and publish them on Google Maps. So far this project has generated over 1,000,000 views of the photos has published so far of PMA Businesses.

You can be part of this!

Simply apply to have your business photographed by Bill.  Your business will be photographed “as is” using available lighting so there will be little or no disturbance. (Care will be taken to create the best possible photo but Bill has no control over certain elements such as reflections in store windows, traffic or the condition of the businesses.)

Internet-ready 72 dpi files will be provided to the PMA and to the individual businesses for their unrestricted use. The PMA has great plans for these images, including using them in our social media posts, our website, and of course you are free to use these images as you see fit.

If your business does not have an existing "Google Local" profile, the photos can still be taken but cannot be displayed on Google Search or Google Maps until you are verified. Bill is authorized by Google to verify businesses.

Apply now and Bill Brokaw will contact you to let you know when he will be photographing in your area.

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