Princeton Merchants Association

Our mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable local economy in Princeton by attracting, nurturing, and maintaining a mix of businesses that serve the economic, social and material needs of our community and make Princeton a great place to live and work.


PrincetonScoop is a cultural ambassador for the Princeton area. Local readers follow us to stay in the know and find out what's happening. We'll share our platform with your brand to keep you top of mind and tip of tongue. Our services include:

Advertising to Our Local Audience - via our social media channels.

Small Business Marketing & Branding Strategy - analyzing your current practices and taking them to the next level.

Social Media Consulting & Account Management - no time to do it yourself? Let us do it for you!

Facebook Set Up & Advertising - build your Facebook page & get people to follow it.

Instagram and Pinterest Set Up & Training - Get your brand onto the hottest new social media channels (but only if theyre right for your business.)

Email Marketing - Make your email contact list work for you! Bring those customers through your door.

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