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Our mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable local economy in Princeton by attracting, nurturing, and maintaining a mix of businesses that serve the economic, social and material needs of our community and make Princeton a great place to live and work.

Princeton Tour Company

If you really want to know about us, here's the uncut version:

Mimi Omiecinski - that's me - I own the company. We moved here in 2006. It took me about two seconds to realize I would never leave this adorable town. It took me another two seconds to figure out I didn't need a car. I started biking and noticing all the landmarks, the architecture, the people... I started googling Nobel Prize Winners and actually recognizing them on the street. After I audited three courses at the University it was a done deal... transplant or not, Wanna Be or not, I had fallen in love with this town. I wanted to create a business that would honor all of Princeton - her history, culture, residents, university and merchants.
There were only a few problems: I wasn't a historian, I wasn't a professional cyclist, I wasn't from Princeton, I didn't go the University and, of course, never led a tour group!
History - I collaborate with Princeton Public Library and Historical Society of Princeton. I don't present anything as fact unless they tell me I can... there are even spots in the tour where I read verbatim the facts because I'm terrified to get it wrong.
Cycling (and Walking) - There are two wonderful bike shops in Princeton. Kopp's, next to where we are located and first stop on the tour, is the oldest bicycle shop in America. Jay's, further down on Nassau, is also a locally owned business. I buy my entire bike inventory between the two shops and the bikes are serviced by mechanics that have been trained and certified. We endorse the Princeton University Cycling Team who assists us with tour route consultation and silly guerilla marketing efforts when they have time. People can feel good that ALL the equipment and services are purchased locally in Princeton - no exceptions!
Being a Wanna Be - Here's the deal. I'll always be an outsider in Princeton. It's OK with me and I hope it's OK with you. I just want to do my best to sustain Princeton's gorgeous landscape as well as her academic, economic and cultural diversity.
Becoming a Full Service Tour Company - This has been the easiest part - because the town is dang amazing! We started as a bike tour company; then corporate event planners wanted to have a walking option so we expanded; finally, some New Yorkers wanted a Day Trip Service. We never meant to create a full service tour company but that's what happened!
We've got some neat programs we're proud of - I'll tell you more about them when we're biking, walking or riding:
Our "Princeton Gives Back" Program completes the circle of sustainability by recycling abandoned bicycles to send to Africa, which many know, can save an entire family. When you take a tour, you can write a note on the next bike headed to Africa.
Our Vocational Program provides training and long term employment for teens and adults with developmental disabilities. Hopefully, we will become a vibrant source of purposeful employment to some of our town's most greatest personalities!
Princeton has inspired the lives of so many, and she's not done yet!

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