March 10 - 17, 2019

Presented by The Princeton Merchants Association and MacLean Agency


1. Did your restaurant/business participate officially in Princeton Restaurant Week?
2. If yes, at what level of sponsorship? (Please check all that apply)
3. If yes, how would you rate the value of your sponsorship?
4. Did your restaurant/business see an increase or decrease in sales during Princeton Restaurant Week?
5. On which days specifically did you see an increase in sales? (Please check all that apply)
6. Do you believe that the additional exposure your restaurant/business received from the promotion of Princeton Restaurant Week will result in a new customer base?
7. Which of the following sponsored promotional efforts did you find most effective? (Please check all that apply)
8. What percentage of Princeton Restaurant Week customers ordered from your prix fixe menus/specials?
9. If your restaurant/business saw an increase in sales, which customer base would you attribute it to? (Please check all that apply)
10. In what ways did you promote your participation in Princeton Restaurant Week? (Please check all that apply)
11. Do you think the prix fixe menu pricing ($20 Lunch, $35 Dinner) was
12. Did you offer discounted parking for customers during Princeton Restaurant Week?
14. Would you participate in Princeton Restaurant Week again?