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Our mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable local economy in Princeton by attracting, nurturing, and maintaining a mix of businesses that serve the economic, social and material needs of our community and make Princeton a great place to live and work.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

The Princeton Alumni Weekly known as PAW  keeps Princeton alumni connected to each other and to their university. We're part of Princeton, which means we have a first-hand view of University news. Yet were also editorially independent, so we can report that news with objectivity. We offer up-to-date news and analysis, thoughtful interviews and essays, insightful coverage of Princeton sports and arts, in-depth profiles of undergraduate and graduate alumni, and a lively letters section. With each new issue, more than 80 classes of Princeton graduates stay in touch through password-protected Class Notes that incorporate dozens of photos. Alumni memorials are written by classmates specifically for PAW.  

Founded in 1900, the magazine once was published weekly and now comes out 15 times each year, more than any other alumni magazine in the world. PAW also publishes an annual guide to one of Princetons greatest traditions, Reunions. Our frequency, combined with a newly redesigned and enhanced Web site and PAWs Weekly Blog, means that our readers always can stay on top of the news of Princeton and its people.

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