The Peacock Inn was opened in 1911 by Joseph and Helen O’Connor, who purchased the property and named it after an inn in Midland England, using the peacock as a symbol of royalty, good food and good luck. The Inn has been in operation ever since. It often served as a local hangout for Princeton University students. According to Mrs. Evatt, who then purchased the Inn in 1954, the entire Princeton football team came to the Inn one day and happened to be standing outside on the porch. Due to the weight of the team, the porch collapsed, taking the football team down with it. A quick-thinking photographer snapped a shot of the incident and later that year the photograph won a prize and was featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine. It is believed that the basement area of The Peacock Inn was used as a Prohibition-era speakeasy.

In more recent days since the Inn’s reopening, it has played host to professors and political dignitaries visiting Princeton University as well as a diplomat and a Broadway producer. The Peacock Inn is one of the best Princeton hotels as it is the only luxury boutique hotel and fine dining restaurant located in the heart of downtown Princeton!

20 Bayard Lane, Princeton, NJ 08540