Parking & Free-B Bus

A comprehensive guide to parking in Princeton and information on the Free-B Bus.


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Parking Info for Buses

The municipality of Princeton has enacted a policy for motor coach operators to follow for the unloading and loading of passengers visiting Princeton.  All parking violations and incidents of traffic obstruction will be enforced by the Princeton Police Department and Princeton Parking Enforcement.  Adherence to these guidelines will insure that your visit to Princeton is safe and enjoyable.  

  • All motor coaches shall load and unload using established New Jersey Transit bus stops at Palmer Square and Nassau Street (westbound traffic) and in front of Princeton University’s Fitzrandolph Gate at the intersections of Nassau and Witherspoon Streets (for eastbound traffic).
  • All coaches shall be loaded and unloaded as expeditiously as possible and shall not be stopped in excess of five minutes in the bus stop.
  • Coaches shall park on Alexander Street (west side) between Faculty Road and North Station Drive while waiting for their passengers.
  • While parked, motor coaches are not permitted to idle in excess of three minutes per local ordinance restrictions.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Chief Nicholas Sutter at 609-921-2100 or email at

Click here for Bus Drop/Pickup/Parking map.

freeB Neighborhood Bus Service

Thanks to a partnership with Princeton University, you can now track the real time location of the Tiger Transit and FreeB buses with one click. As a reminder, these buses are FREE for all to ride. See what buses are where!

Click here for the freeB Neighborhood Bus Service map & schedule.


freeB Commuter Bus Service

Click here for the freeB Commuter Bus Service map & schedule

Both freeB Bus Services are free and available for anyone to ride.

For more information, please visit Greater Mercer TMA's website at or call the Commuter Services Manager at (609) 452-1491.