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No-Compromise Leadership … How to Achieve Extraordinary

If you trace the origin of most business challenges, crises and missed opportunities, the culprit is leadership compromise. Compromise is the path of least resistance. It’s easier to avoid a leadership responsibility than to do it. First you'll learn what it takes to become a true no-compromise leader based on where you are now with your own thinking and behavior. You'll learn to create a dynamic no-compromise company culture, committed to driving the Four Business Outcomes – productivity, profitability, staff retention and customer loyalty.

Your business is either “no compromise” or it isn’t. There’s no halfway point. This is what it takes to be a no-compromise leader – every day, no matter what. And you’ll learn it all from the man who not only coined the phrase “no-compromise leadership,” he wrote the book on it: Neil Ducoff.

“No-Compromise Leadership is all about the thinking, behavior and accountability that support all leadership results and outcomes,” explains Ducoff. “Joined together, these two simple words immediately establish a higher standard of leadership thinking and behavior; it’s a powerful internal compass that keeps you and your company steadfastly on course. By design, no compromise cuts through the myriad excuses, emotional blockages and procrastination that silently infect leadership performance. When no compromise becomes your mandate – the guiding principle upon which all other leadership behavior emanates – the resulting business outcomes will be nothing short of astonishing.”

60 minutes – Big takeaways for attendees
• The TEN requirements to be a no-compromise leader
• How to identify and overcome your own compromising behaviors
• The “Four Business Outcomes Wheel” and how to avoid the “fiery pits of hell”
• How to create your own no-compromise company

Neil Ducoff is the founder and CEO of Strategies, a training and coaching company that specializes in business growth. He is an award-winning author, business coach and global keynote speaker.


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