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How to Take the Best Smartphone Photos for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

It’s no secret that social media posts with visuals receive more engagement than those without. For example, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement from users. Instagram, a visual-intensive platform, had 700 million active users in April 2017. And over 8 thousand photos are shared on Snapchat’s photo and video messaging platform each second.

Clearly, the evidence demonstrates that visual content is an essential asset for social media marketing in 2017. What’s a fast way to generate original visuals to share on your accounts? Take photos with your smartphone! You can then edit these photos and share them through social media apps all from the same device. Smartphone photography is a logical and convenient option because the camera is attached to the same device that is connected to your brand’s accounts. If you’re not a professional or hobbyist photographer, you’re likely not carrying around a large camera with you everywhere you go. Thus, your smartphone’s camera makes a quick way to produce quality images for sharing with your followers.

Though smartphone photos may not have the same quality as ones taken by professional photographers, there are ways that you can edit and brand your photos to improve their quality and strengthen your brand identity. The following are some tips to help you get the most out of your iPhone or Android device’s camera:

Embrace Easy Editing

There are an abundance of photo editing apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These will allow you to dress up your smartphone photos to appear more stylish and professional. An example of a quality and user-friendly photo editing app is Adobe’s Photoshop Express. Though there is a paid “premium” version of the app, the free version works just as well and allows you to adjust settings such as clarity, sharpness, color vibrance, shadows, and exposure. You can also choose from their list of pre-made filters if you want a quick fix for your photo editing needs.

However, finding the right editing app really comes down to your own personal preferences and goals for your social media visuals. There are plenty of free photo editing apps available to both iPhones and Androids that will require some experimentation on your end.

Keep It Steady

Though stylish editing will make your photos appear more professionally taken, the initial quality of the photo is most important. Even the most expensive editing app will not be able to un-blur a blurry photo. Make sure that when you’re taking your pictures you are holding your phone steady with both hands and that the camera is focused in the right place. For most smartphones, adjusting the camera’s focus is done by touching the area on the screen that you want the camera to focus on in the frame of the shot.

Another way to ensure steady smartphone photography is to use a portable lightweight tripod. If you decide to use a tripod, however, make sure that you also have a smartphone holder for it. Using a tripod will hold your phone in place for you so that you can make sure your shots are still and better-focused.

Sync Up Your Accounts

To maintain a consistent brand identity, make sure you are sharing the same visuals on all of your social media accounts at around the same time of posting. This will ensure that your audiences on each platform are engaging with the same content. You can link your Instagram account to both your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Make Sure You’re on Instagram!

If you want to reap the best return on investment for your visual marketing efforts, make sure your brand is active on Instagram! If you are not active on Instagram yet, here are our stat-backed reasons why you should be.

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