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Importance of Google Profiles as Told by Bill Brokaw

Social content with relevant images gets 94% more views than posts without visuals.  Photos are a great way to spruce up your social content.

Attention PMA members! Bill Brokaw of Brokaw Photography is offering a free service to photograph the exterior/interior of your business, which you can use for your social media accounts or Google Profile.

View Bill's slide show of the Princeton Shopping Center he recently shot.

These photos are just the beginning. We know that viewers expect more. They expect "WOW" and Bill can help. He is a Certified Google Business Photographer, trained and authorized to create and publish Google Virtual Tours.

Virtual tours take photography to a whole new level enabling customers to really explore and engage with your business.

Check out a brief video of the custom Google Virtual Tour Bill created for Bon Appetit!

A note from Bill: 

Google wants you to be found.  Its mission is to be the world’s best search engine and that means delivering exactly the right information to seekers.

A very important part of this effort is Google Maps.  After creating a seamless map of all the roads in America (and across the world) it identified all the businesses it could find.  So now when people search for you, Google can show them  not only where you are but also when you are open and your phone number.  This is your Google profile. 

You can correct your profile if there are mistakes, add information and even enhance it with photos.  To help businesses create profiles if they don’t have one or to correct mistakes it created a website called “Get Your Businesses Online.”  The address is  Check yourself out and see how you stand.

For more information feel free to contact Bill Brokaw at Bill is a GYBO partner with Google and a Trusted Verifier who can help you with your Google profile. 

Sign up now to schedule an appointment with Bill.

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