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"Business Law: Harassment 101"

Princeton Merchants Association's General Meeting on 5/27/14

Every business owner and manager needs to ensure that their workplace remains free of all forms of harassment.  This includes employees but also extends to customers, vendors and visitors and even to non-work locations.  It is important to learn to identify "hostile" or "offensive" speech or conduct and the appropriate actions to protect your business and staff.

Our members listened intently to guest speaker Brad Mitchell of Stevens & Lee who presented "Business Law: Harassment 101" at PMA's May membership meeting. Brad gave a broad overview of the law regarding harassment and highlighted what business owners and supervisors should be focusing on to make certain that their workplace is free of harassment.  He spoke about both non-discrimination and non-harassment policies and advised our members to take what we know as common sense and implement that in the workplace.

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May's Member Spotlights were presented by Princeton Half Marathon and The Waiters' Race.

We also wished our former president Carly Meyer good luck as she embarks on a new career path. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the PMA will be missed! Vice-President John Marshall has stepped in as interim-president.

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