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Our mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable local economy in Princeton by attracting, nurturing, and maintaining a mix of businesses that serve the economic, social and material needs of our community and make Princeton a great place to live and work.

Designing A Customer‑Centered Experience

Designing A Customer-Centered Experience Workshop: Sixty local business owners, managers, and staff attended the Princeton Merchants Association's half day workshop on designing a customer-centered experience. The workshop was led by Laate Olukotun, CEO and Creative Director of Lollygig—a product and service design studio.

Laate encouraged attendees to examine every point of contact through the customer’s eyes to help businesses create an experience for their customers that makes transactions and interactions seamless, painless, and productive.

As a group exercise, we explored the way that a visitor experiences Princeton. The conversation generated a lot of passion and some good ideas that we might consider exploring together in the future.

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