Michelle Simon

District Supervisor of the New Jersey Department of Labor

Michelle Simon has held positions within the State of New Jersey for 21 years and has been employed by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development for the past 15 years.

Ms. Simon is currently a District Supervisor and NJ Certified Trainer with the Division of Wage and Hour Compliance.  As a District Supervisor of the Northern General Enforcement section, Michelle is in charge of monitoring and supervising Wage & Hour Enforcement Field Investigators in the North Jersey region of the state.  Ms. Simon ensures that the staff is properly deployed, reviews all investigations for compliance, refers cases to the Assistant Chief for prosecution and develops new and innovative techniques for enforcement of the labor laws.

Ms. Simon also has held a position as Senior Field Investigator, within the division, and as an Investigator for the Division of Unemployment (Fraud). 

Ms. Simon has held positions within the private sector, in Healthcare Finance, specializing in regulatory compliance, managing staffing, and payrolls, along with implementation of State of NJ funded programs and successfully overseeing audits conducted by the State of NJ.