Susan W. Hoskins LCSW
Executive Director
Princeton Senior Resource Center

Tell us about yourself. Where did you grow up? Why did you choose the business career you are in?

I grew up in Bucks County.  My mother was a public school teacher and my father a carpenter who later worked in a hardware store.  They live in a retirement community in Newtown.  I have a younger brother who lives in the Seattle area where he coaches rowing and manages a fitness equipment store.  I continue to be active in the Quaker community, and it has been a significant influence in my decision to help people care for themselves and one another.

Why Princeton? How long have you been in business or worked in Princeton?

I graduated from George School before going to Earlham College in Richmond, IN.  I majored in psychology and became interested in social work.  After college, my husband Scott got a job at McCarter Theater and we moved to Princeton.  Soon I too was working in the costume shop.  I put myself through Rutgers Graduate School in Social Work by working backstage.

I worked for the Family Guidance Center as a family therapist for 20 years, the last 6 in Princeton.  I came to PSRC in 2002 after deciding I wanted to work with older adults and I got certified in Gerontology.

Why would we choose your business over similar others? What makes you special?

You would choose PSRC because you trust the information you get from us to be what you need, given by knowledgeable professionals, fitting your individual situation. Or you love the Evergreen Forum classes, lifelong learning discussion-based courses.  Or you want to meet other people with similar interests, find meaningful volunteer opportunities, explore retirement options, or participate in our many activities. You would choose to come here because the Center is a vibrant place where you feel welcome, respected, and engaged.  No one else quite does all this in one place.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment is building PSRC into a well-respected resource for older adults, family caregivers and area professionals.  It was also exciting to have Princeton named an Age Friendly Community.

Who influenced you the most in your career and why?

I think the greatest influence on me is the people I have helped who taught me so much about aging and family caregiving.  I am grateful because I have been able to use it to help others and help my own family.

How can PMA support or serve you better? Suggestions and feedback?

As a non-profit, PSRC needs community partners who sponsor programs, provide speakers and make space available for our programs.  We welcome support from PMA members.

I have been involved in the Princeton Transit & Transportation Committee.  Princeton is fortunate to have both the FreeB and Crosstown services. They enable people who don’t drive to get where they need to go, which is a huge issue for older adults who don’t want to give up the freedom and autonomy of driving.  We are working now toward finding ways to coordinate the various transportation systems.  We’d also like to find ways to provide evening service for those who want to attend cultural events.  I would love to see the PMA really get on board with promoting the service, offering rewards for people who ride and helping employees use the service.