Beyond: Going Further

Ask any retailer what they look for in a credit card processor and "transparency" is often at the top of the list—which is exactly why Princeton-based provider Beyond has made it such a core tenet of its business.

Beyond simplifies operations, reduces costs and streamlines payments for small and mid-size businesses across the country. Every customer is provided with the reliable, flexible, and secure business solutions they need, in a clear, transparent manner they can understand. The company is committed not just to innovation but also fair contract terms and customer service that’s powered by actual human beings. In fact, Beyond does not charge any early termination fee which means they have to earn your business each and every month. This is how the company earns customer trust every day.   

And then they take it a step further.

Beyond donates half of its earnings to charity. You read that right. Half. In fact, charity is literally built into their business. Give Something Back, an organization that provides scholarships and mentoring to help students from low-income families graduate from college, is a beneficiary of Beyond. To date, the non-profit has prepaid for over 1,500 scholars to go to college debt-free. That’s an upfront investment of over $14.5 million.  


Currently, Beyond is focused specifically on children in the foster care system and even more specifically children of incarcerated parents. In other words, the company is working for the children with the smallest chance possible to attend college.

Beyond customers are often floored when they learn of this. That feeling then usually turns into one of pride because they know that every time they swipe a customer’s credit card or run payroll, they’re contributing to something bigger.

Bottom line: Beyond isn’t your run-of-the-mill credit card processing operation thanks much in part to the people that work there, most notably CEO Bob Carr. In fact, Carr takes no salary. This helps the business invest 51% of its profits to the foundation.

Now while the primary goal of these PMA Member Spotlights is to highlight the amazing work local companies are doing, we always want to leave some room for fun stuff.


Beyond’s division sales director, Kefi Godfrey, gave us the background for the story above. She also shared some thoughts on her own affinity for Princeton. Here they are, in rapid fire…

  • You get to take an out-of-towner out to eat in Princeton. Where are you taking them and why? That's hard to choose. Blue Point Grill is one of my favorites. They have the best grilled octopus and fresh fish. A little of historical Princeton at the Ivy Inn. Fun time at Triumph. Lunch at Jammin’ Crepes. Mezzaluna, Agricola, Cargot, Mediterra… so many unique choices!

  • What artist or album are you currently listening to? Really anything my 5 year old wants to listen to in the car, but personally….The Avett Brothers. Brandi Carlile. My playlists are pretty bipolar most of the time.

  • Eagles, Phillies, 76ers and Flyers or Giants/Yankees or Mets/Jets or some questionable combination thereof? None of the above. Though my younger son's name is Eli... :)

  • What’s your typical weekend like? A mix of work and family. I work with business owners so there is always a chance I will need to stop by one of my businesses and help them with something. If the weather permits, some nature time with family, playgrounds, dinner somewhere, the movies.

And finally, a shameless plug. If your business is shopping for a better credit card processor, payroll system, point of sale, or lending option, choose to work with a company that is socially responsible and cares about its businesses and community.