When Paths Cross in Princeton

Our "college town" feel makes it easy to assume that most folks (save the students) are born and bred Princeton lifers. But the truth is, plenty of folks fall in love with the town and decide to put down roots. Just look at Tim and Kate Bricker, owners of b+b Hair Color Studio

After graduating from Wellesley, Kate headed west to Colorado to pursue a career in sales. Tim, a theater graduate did what theater graduates do and pursued an acting career in New York. As those separate, intentionally non-traditional paths progressed, they collided in Princeton. Both Kate and Tim were drawn to the cultural and historical traditions our town offers. Both appreciated (and still appreciate!) the pace and sense of community here.

The result: a personal and professional union. =]

But let’s rewind to 2001. Kate and Tim had always dreamt of owning their own salon… so they made it a reality. They opened b+b Hair Color Studio at 190 Witherspoon to further their artistic passions and provide the community with a salon that specializes in creative color, innovative cuts and a partnership with Arrojo Studio in New York. What’s more, Tim is a member of the elite Goldwell Design Team, bringing cutting edge trend to the community.

Image courtesy of bbcolorstudio.com.

Image courtesy of bbcolorstudio.com.

Having been in business for more than 15 years, one might wonder why the Brickers haven’t expanded b+b Hair Color Studio. The answer is actually pretty simple: it’s their customers. They’ve been able to maintain a supreme level of quality and personalization for their clients and much of that has to do with their boutique size.

“It was the hardest, but smartest business decision we’ve ever had to make,” said Tim.

Outside of the studio, Kate, Tim and their family give time and resources to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. They’re big fans of Two Sevens (which, by the way, is hosting this year’s PMA summer social on June 26). Weekend duties are split: Tim’s in the studio, Kate and the kids are on the go from sporting events to sleepovers. Saturday nights offer a well deserved glass of wine. Then it’s back to work.

But when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel much like work at all.