LightSource Chiropractic

LightSource Chiropractic is a community of families who have at least one common thread: they are looking for better solutions in healthcare. Our Chiropractic care is first and foremost, GENTLE. Our care is not forceful. Each adjustment creates ease and peace in the body, so that it can let go and renew. Secondly, we want to see change, GREAT CHANGE. People in our office see results. As we effectively address the underlying cause of stress in the body through chiropractic care, wellness happens! It really is that simple.

We love kids, we love adjusting kids! Because of our gentle approach, kids are so open to receiving our care. We see daily miracles with our chirokids and the care that they are receiving.

Not only do we specialize in working with children, but we have also had extensive training in working with pregnant women. Subluxations during pregnancy can be detrimental. Chiropractic care leads to more ease and room in the mother’s body (especially the pelvis), creating a healthier environment for the baby.


360 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ  08540