A commitment to the community.

Learn more about Princeton Merchants Association committees and related initiatives. 

Membership Committee

Lucia Stegaru, Co-Chair

Jack Morrison, Co-Chair

Cindy Laskin

Jay MacLean

Esther Tanez


Marketing Committee

Joy Chen, Co-Chair

Laura Pronesti, Co-Chair

Max Hoagland

Jessica Durrie

Ellen Malavsky


Programs and Events Committee

Brett Bonfield, Chair

Michelle Pirone Lambros


Governance Committee

Lori Rabon

Rich Gittleman


Municipality Liaison Committee

Jack Morrison, Co-Chair

Lori Rabon, Co-Chair

Joshua Zinder

Rich Gittleman

Izzy Kasdin


Sustainability Committee

Josh Zinder, Chair

Brett Bonfield

Tom Janick

Kathy Klockenbrink

Fran McManus

Lou Campo

Izzy Kasdin