A commitment to the community.

Learn more about Princeton Merchants Association committees and related initiatives. 

Membership Committee

Esther Tanez, Chair

Jack Morrison

Cindy Laskin

Jay MacLean

Michael Petrone

Supriya Srivastava


Marketing Committee

Joy Chen, Co-Chair

Laura Pronesti, Co-Chair

Max Hoagland

Jessica Durrie

Ellen Malavsky

Sarah Lynd

James Steward

Mimi Omiecinski


Programs and Events Committee

Michelle Pirone Lambros


Economic Development Committee (EDC)

Lori Rabon

Kathy Klockenbrink

Rich Gittleman

Izzy Kasdin

Mark Sullivan

Joshua Zinder


Sustainability Committee

Tom Janick

Kathy Klockenbrink

Fran McManus

Izzy Kasdin