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Cake It Up

Beth A. Carnevale is a wife and mother of two daughters.  Nicolina a teacher, and Alisandra a lawyer with her own law practice. She & her husband, Renowned Princeton Architect/Planner/Designer, and gentlemen farmer, Nicholas R. Carnevale, A.I.A. own Historic  White Cloud Farm in Princeton, New Jersey once occupied by famous Aviator, Charles Lindbergh, his wife Anne and son Charles and it was a World Class Record Setting Swiss Dairy Farm.  Beth worked as design assistant and office manager for her husbands architecture company for almost 30 years.

Her design sense is not typical. Birdie wants to know the client's story, it is important for her to get to know them.   Her natural design instincts are evident in her Couture Cake Stands. She uses her keen color sense and takes into consideration  the clients style, colors and the theme of the special occasion. With her personal approach, she draws on what is felt in her heart and pours that into everything she does.

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